Posted 4/5/2017

Are you puzzled by EN131? Not sure of the differences between EN131 and BS 2037?

Well to confuse things even further EN131 is changing in November 2017. But don't worry,


How is EN131 changing?


A harmonised standard will be introduced in the UK in November 2017 which revokes any existing national versions.

The UK has differed from other European countries with a standard specific to ladders intended for domestic use (BS 2037:1994 class 3) and with the proposed introduction of the new EN131 this domestic standard will be withdrawn. BS2037/BS1129 Class 1 for heavy duty and industrial use will also be withdrawn.

There will be two new categories for ladders under EN131; one for professional users and one for non- professional users reflecting that there are differences in the requirement for performance of the ladder.

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